Yuletide Takeaways

Yuletide Takeaways

Season's Feasting

This holiday season, ignite the festive spirit and savour the joyous moments with delectable Yuletide takeaways from Crowne Plaza Changi Airport. Celebrate the holiday magic at home with our curated collection of comforting Italian classics, holiday favourites and exquisite Christmas confections - ideal for feasting or sharing the joy through gifting.

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A Taste of Italy this Christmas

Piemonte Turkey Roulade

Introducing our culinary masterpiece: Piemonte Turkey Roulade ($168; 6kg), a delicious Italian twist on the holiday classic. Marinated and slow-roasted to perfection, it is infused with rich Italian flavours. Stuffed with a delectable mix of bread, pork sausage, chestnuts, dried fruits and balsamic glazed shallots, it is brimming with exquisite flavours. Accompanied by creamy smoked mashed potatoes, sautéed mushrooms, and sublime red wine sauce, it's the ideal centerpiece for 8 to 10 guests. Elevate your festive gathering with this exquisite Italian-style turkey roulade.

Brasato di Manzo (Red Wine Braised Beef)

The Brasato di Manzo ($118; 1.5kg) features tender oyster blade beef slow-cooked in a robust red wine and herb-infused sauce, served with celeriac puree and a selection of seasonal greens.

Pork Porchetta (Italian-style Pork Roast)

The exquisite Pork Porchetta ($98; 2kg) features succulent pork belly seasoned with a tantalising blend of garlic, fennel seeds, rosemary, salt and pepper. Slow-roasted to perfection, it boasts crispy crackling skin that adds a delightful crunch to every bite. Each slice offers the irresistible contrast of crispy, golden skin and tender, flavourful meat. To complete this culinary delight, it is served with rosemary-roasted potatoes and a side of seasonal greens.

Pollo alla Diavola (Spicy Herb-crusted Chicken)

Indulge in the fiery flavours of Pollo alla Diavola ($68; 1.5kg), herb-crusted chicken marinated with a tantalising blend of red pepper flakes and aromatic herbs. Paired with our house-made mustard sauce, it delivers a zesty and tangy kick to every bite. Served with velvety mashed potatoes and roasted carrots, this delectable dish entices the senses with unforgettable Italian flavours.

Time-Honoured Holiday Favourites

For those who relish timeless treats, here are more holiday classics to indulge in.

Traditional Roast Turkey

For diners who enjoy the traditional classics can choose the Traditional Roast Turkey ($178, 6kg), a timeless favourite. This succulent turkey is served with roasted Ratte potatoes, seasonal greens, cranberry sauce and rich giblet gravy. A must-have for your festive feast.

Honey-Rum Glazed Gammon Ham

The succulent Honey-Rum Glazed Gammon Ham ($128, 2kg) is beautifully glazed with a flavourful blend of honey and a rich rum raisin sauce, creating a harmonious combination of sweet and savoury notes that are sure to please the palate.

Black Pepper Iberico Pork Ribs

A cherished favourite and best-seller, our signature Black Pepper Iberico Pork Ribs ($98, 1.5kg) are bathed in a robust black pepperc orn sauce, marinated overnight and smoked to perfection. The result: succulent, fork-tender slices of delight, accompanied by roasted Ratte potatoes and seasonal greens.

Australian Roast Leg of Lamb

Savour the succulent flavours of the Australian Roast Leg of Lamb ($148; 2kg), slow-roasted to perfection with a harmonious blend of zesty mustard and fragrant herbs. This delectable dish is paired with roasted potatoes and seasonal greens, ensuring a delightful and memorable dining experience.

Delightful Desserts for the Holidays

Sweeten your holiday feast with our selection of Christmas cakes.

Marshmallow Berries Log Cake

Indulge in the enchanting Marshmallow Berries Log Cake ($98, 900g). Shaped like a fairytale cottage, it tempts with its handcrafted chocolate cream sponge, layers of wild berry chocolate pudding, crispy feuilletine chocolate, all wrapped in a velvety vanilla marshmallow.

Mystical Black Forest Yule Log

For a delightful twist, savour our Mystical Black Forest Yule Log ($118, 900g), an enchanting combination of chocolate mousse, vanilla whipped ganache, and luscious black cherry confit – an absolute hit at your festive table.

Santa's Crowne Christmas Cake

For the young and young-at-heart, don't miss the Santa's Crowne Christmas Cake ($128, 900g), shaped like an adorable Santa hat. Inside, a delightful surprise awaits – a luscious pink peppercorn cream cheese mousse mingled with a medley of mixed berries.

Chantilly Cream Panettone

Relish the rich Italian flavors of the Chantilly Cream Panettone ($68 for 500g), a delightful new addition to our festive menu. This classic Italian panettone has been enriched with our luscious house-made Chantilly cream, delivering a taste of holiday indulgence that's simply irresistible.


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