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14-Day Stay Home Notice Activities

Looking for something to do while confined during your 14-Day Stay Home Notice?

Here are some ideas for you.


Update your followers with engaging content and participate in our daily Instagram story activities in our Highlights and tag your friends to stay connected.

Play and Win!

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 Emerge from the 14-Day in your fittest form! Get in shape with some simple exercises that you can do right in your room.

 Keep your heart and blood pumping with this playlist of fitness videos we put together!

 Or this list of workouts.


Stay Home Fitness

Click on image for fitness videos playlist

Remember to be aware of your own physical limitations and do not over exert or injure yourself while doing these exercises.

It is ok if you can’t keep up, but your health and safety is the number 1 priority!


Netflix and Quarantine. You were probably planning to do this already, but here are some recommendations if you have not decided what to watch next! 

Netflix Recommendations

Top 10 Most Popular Shows Right Now

49 Best Netflix Series

50 Best Shows

50 Best Movies

You can also share your recommendations with your friends using our Instagram story template in our Profile Highlights linked above. Use our hashtag to share with others on Stay Home Notice too!

 Don’t have a Netflix account yet? Enjoy a 30-Day free trial now!

 If you’ve got your laptop with you, you can even watch together with friends with the Netflix Party Chrome extension.



Silence is golden, but not when you’re all alone. We know that feel. Here are some songs so we can get through this together!

Click the image below to check out our Stay Home CPCA Playlist.

  Stay Home CPCA Playlist