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Festive Takeaways

From Dec 1 - Dec 24 2017

For those playing host this holiday season, save the hassle of cooking and impress your guests with scrumptious Yuletide takeaways from Lobby Lounge.

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Black Truffle Roast Christmas Turkey


The highlight of our festive takeaways is none other than the new Black Truffle Roast Christmas Turkey ($198+, 6kg). Perfectly roasted with black truffle and cornbread stuffing, this tantalising Christmas Turkey takes holiday indulgence to the next level. Served with roast potatoes, festive vegetables, seasonal greens with house-made dressing, cranberry sauce, giblet gravy and truffle sauce, this festive delicacy is perfect for a party of 10 to 12 guests. The Traditional Roast Christmas Turkey ($98+, 6kg) is tender and flavourful, filled with cornbread stuffing and served with roast potatoes, braised brussels sprouts with bacon, braised red cabbage, maple caramelised chestnuts, festive vegetables and accompanying condiments such as cranberry and giblet gravy.


Gammon Bone-in Ham   


Other perennial festive favourites are the Gammon Bone-in Ham ($158+, 6kg) and Honey-glazed Boneless Ham ($128+, 2.2kg), which are baked at 160°C for 30 minutes and glazed with sweet and tangy sauce made from pineapple juice, honey and raspberry vinegar. The ham is delectable and juicy and the skin is crisp and roasted to a beautiful golden brown. They are served with assorted roast potatoes, festive vegetables, seasonal greens with house-made dressing and pineapple sauce.




Marinated with Cajun spice mix, mainly consist of pepper, rosemary and paprika powder, the tender and delicious Roast Australian Beef Strip Loin ($118+, 1.2 kg) is sure to impress. Roasted at 160°C for 40 minutes, the beef tastes divine when paired with the velvety red wine and shallot sauce. The delicious Crispy Pork Knuckle ($68+) is available for order in a pair and ideal for a party of four. Prepared using our Executive Chef Murti's house-made recipe, the pork knuckle is soaked for 3 days in a concoction of Chinese herbs including wolfberries, cinnamon sticks, star anise and red dates, before it is baked to a crunchy golden crisp. The succulent pork knuckle is served with assorted roast potatoes, festive vegetables, seasonal greens, red cabbage with house-made dressing, bier jus and mustard.

For an intimate Christmas gathering, treat your loved ones to Turkey Roulade ($68+, 1.2kg), filled with a flavourful combination of spinach, minced chicken and cranberry. Served with truffle sauce, this festive delight is ideal for an intimate gathering of four persons. If you prefer to start the party with a savoury appetiser, the rich and creamy House-made Wild Mushroom Soup ($45+, 1 litre), which comes with delicious mushroom mini ravioli, truffle oil and brioche croutons, will certainly enliven your guests' appetite.



Treat yourself to a sweet Christmas with yule log cakes this holiday season! A new creation by our Pastry Chef James Ong, the Merry Berry Cheese-mas Yule Log Cake ($68+) features soft and moist Manjari chocolate sponge cake layered with luscious raspberry cream cheese frosting, complete with crunchy strawberry pearls, almond flakes and seasonal embellishments. This delightfully bright cake will add a nice splash of colour to your Christmas spread. No Christmas is complete without a Bûche de Noël. A decadent Manjari chocolate cake roll filled with luscious honey chestnut and blueberry cream, our signature Choco-log of Joy Yule Log Cake ($68+) makes a beautiful holiday dessert.

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